Ramp Inferno

Ramp Inferno allows students to actively participate and showcase their creative skills and talent. The purpose always has been to give students exposure that brings them closer to potential employers.

Diwali Celebrations

The festival of lights, Diwali was celebrated by the Cadence family with great joy. On this occasion, students and teachers lighted diyas & candles and worshipped the goddess of prosperity and wealth, Lakshmi Ji. The academy brightened up with music and dance along with various fun activities on this delightful day.


For welcoming the pupil who newly added as a leading part of the Cadence family, academy organizes Fresher’s party, for scholars to be able to know their seniors & their fellow batch mates and build rapport with them. A variety of fun & entertaining games & activities were organized for fresher’s. The surrounding was giving joyful & good vibes all around.

Women Water Warriors

The students of Cadence Academy along with faculty members took part in the formation of large human ‘W’ by 600-700 women, in an event organized by Wade Foundation, where W stands for #WomenWaterWarriors. The students came together, to raise awareness for water scarcity and climate change as today we are standing on the verge of losing the most precious thing for life existence.

India International Trade Fair

One of the most significant platforms for scholars to gain exposure as it offers a great opportunity to explore a wide range of products that includes garments, textiles, jute, and many more. For students to acquire good understanding and knowledge, this platform provides a great experience.


Shilpotsav, handicraft and folk art fair, a festival where the skills of artisans from all over the country can be closely examined by the students. They took advantage of this opportunity and explored the range of products in the event that includes hand embroidery, dress materials, leather material and many more.