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    Welcome to Cadence Academy

    20 Years of Excellence 

    Cadence Academy being in the industry of fashion and interior for the last 20 years, since 2000, serving with great enthusiasm by a vision to promote Art and Design.

    It came into existence to enhance the creativity, innovative skill & personal growth of the aspirants, to deliver the great learning experience and industry exposure to the students.

    UGC Recognized

    Cadence Academy has recognized UGC Certification from Himalayan University, offers Design programs in the creative discipline of Fashion Design.

    Best Teaching Methodology

    Our Teaching methodology provides a holistic approach to professional skills.

    Focusing on enhancing creativity and depth of knowledge and awareness on the latest trends of the industry.

    The student acquires leadership skills and competencies imbibing to a strong ideology towards the industry.

    Awards and Recognitions

    International Icon Awards 2017 for Best Fashion Designing and Interior Designing Institute of the year.

    International Quality Awards 2019 for Best Fashion Designing and Interior Designing Institute in India.

    Best Fashion Designing and Interior Designing Institute Award by TIMES OF INDIA.

    Why Cadence?

    UGC Recognized

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    Diploma In Fashion Design

    • Diploma aims of upscaling the sense of art, design, fashion, and professionalism in an individual with the vibrant nature of the program.
    • The Syllabus design caters to providing a thorough foundational approach to all the basics of the fashion industry.
    • Theoretical and practical teaching techniques are an integral part of the curriculum, which provides you a comprehensive knowledge of each aspect of Fashion Design.
    • The Program helps in acquiring Communication Skills and develops software skills.
    • The program offers depths of exposure and market scenarios.
    • An Introduction of Fashion Design exploring the art, design, and nature of Fashion.
    • Sketching and illustration of female figures are taught, focusing on croquis, fleshing, postures & features with women accessories.
    • Corel Draw and Photoshop as software for developing designs in digital format.
    • The Curriculum incorporates the art of fabric embellishment, using different styles of Embroidery, tie & die production of fabric patterns and prints.
    • Textile Science & Swatch Collection aligns the study of fabrics, weaves, yarns.
    • Garment production using Drafting & Pattern making along with Basic Sewing Techniques.
    • Theme based submissions and design development in a portfolio format.

     ⋅ Fashion Designer  ⋅ Textile Designer ⋅ Fashion Stylist ⋅ Costume Designer ⋅ Fashion Blogger ⋅ Fashion Illustrator ⋅

    Advance Diploma In Fashion Design

    • The aim of the program ensures a developed foundation with an ideology towards the nature and functioning of the fashion industry.
    • The syllabus design provides a broader outlook to the extent of fashion design with concepts, topics, and studies to understand the techniques and work procedures.
    • The Programme helps at enhancing management skills and exposure to the market via the concept of merchandising with a situational analysis and related responses as a design consumer.
    • Goods Production and design development incorporate well-structured solutions and workflow as an outcome of intensive brushing of various methodologies to work from and create.
    • The course begins with basic knowledge of Fashion Design and its fundamentals incorporating Design, Fashion, and art with an outlook to the History of Indian & Western Costumes.
    • Fashion Sketching & Illustration of men and women are introduced to express the design development, including Draping of figures through theme-based mood boards, color theory, sketching, and texture renderings.
    • Advance levels of Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator as digital fashion design tools.
    • Textile Science opens up the depths of fabric production and focusing on its types, properties, tests, and care along with swatch identification.
    • Garment Making explores the aspects of Basic Sewing, Drafting & Pattern making along with Draping Techniques on scaled models and blocks, as a practical learning of both Male and Female Clothing.
    • Fashion Merchandising & Management explores the role of a fashion designer with the interaction of client dealings, demands, mediation, and effective management, along with communication skills.
    • The Course defines a portfolio of varying sheets, reports with an assessment of understandings developed and inferred, based on assignments and learning outcomes.

     ⋅ Fashion Designer ⋅ Textile Designer ⋅ Fashion Blogger ⋅ Accessories Designer ⋅ Fashion Stylist ⋅ Costume Designer ⋅ Fashion Illustrator ⋅ Fashion Writer ⋅ Fashion Critique ⋅

    Degree In Fashion Design

    • The Degree Programme develops a strong Foundation in the required skill set to deliver impressions of Arts in Fashion.

    • The Programme inculcates the ideology of a designer with a creative, logical and confident mind-set through exercises and research.

    • The Student develops far sighted vision with effective communication skills all the teaching methodology with efficiency in modern tools and industry.

    • Core programme value aims at covering the technology, branding, management and market character of the clothing industry and its overall production.

    • Professional ethics and values shape up to blend with the markets through Thesis, internships and presentation skills, offering freedom of expression and style.

    • The course starts with the Introduction of Fashion Design and its fundamentals incorporating Design, Fashion, and art with an outlook to the History of Indian & Western Costumes.
    • Fashion Sketching & Illustration are introduced to express the design development with the draping of figures using mood boards, color theory, sketching, and texture renderings, these all are digitalized through Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.
    • Fabric Embellishment covers Indian Embroidery with the Tie & Die technique of pattern printing, this all supports the Textile Science with understandings of fibers and their properties, its types, tests, and swatches for samples of the market, costs, and estimations.
    • Garment Development covers the aspects of Basic Sewing Techniques, Drafting & Pattern making using grades along with Draping Techniques on scaled models and blocks, as practical learning using complicated designs and markings with grades.
    • Design Branding and its Fashion Marketing is included with its evolution in terms of the Fashion forecast and its possible design collection using theme-based analysis and predictions.
    • Apparel Production, Quality Control, Retail Management & Visual Merchandising are the four notions of sustenance to a Product, the course develops in-depth inferences to balance these all in a market scenario.
    • The course offers a wide range of work submissions as portfolios with enhanced communication skills and design development through Thesis, Internships, and Fashion shows with Ramp Inferno, photo-shoots, and presentations.

    ⋅ Fashion Designer ⋅ Fashion Academician  ⋅ Fashion Illustrator  ⋅ Fashion Merchandiser  ⋅ Fashion Forecaster  ⋅ Fashion Writer  ⋅ Fashion Brand Manager  ⋅Textile Designer  ⋅ Visual Merchandiser  ⋅ Fashion Blogger  ⋅ Fashion Consultant  ⋅  Entrepreneur  ⋅ Accessories Designer  ⋅  Fashion Critique  ⋅ Boutique Owner  ⋅ Fashion Stylist  ⋅ Retail Manager  ⋅ Quality Control Manager  ⋅ Costume Designer  ⋅


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