About Us

Welcome to Cadence Academy

A design institute with the well-researched syllabus and best teaching objectives, serving with great enthusiasm since 2000 the diploma and degree programs, that marks the students to achieve skills to become creative and leading industry professionals as fashion designers and interior designers in their respective emerging disciplines.

Director’s Message
Mr. Rupesh Kumar
“The fashion and interior industry does not only require a designer today. It requires a corporate professional who will create a quality product, which would be eco-friendly and would incur the minimum cost to fetch the profit to the industry. And of course the professional would not compromise in terms of quality.

Cadence staff is committed to excellence. We do not only provide will, but we do provide skills that carve you as corporate professional designers.

I wish you a load of happiness and recognition on behalf of the cadence family. It would be your wise decision to join us.

You put your heart and soul to our organization, lets initiate and meditate together to fly the horizon of success.”

Establishment in Delhi
Stood in its feet since 2000 from Nagpur, it has now expanded to 18 different cities of the country and has marked its presence in New Delhi.

We have been serving to lead a successful life for over two decades.

We believe in delivering education that a journey to enter professional world requires to improve and alert students and make them conscious to social concerns and realize the responsibilities and to achieve what they desire for.


An academy that turns amateur into a professional that not only is going to work for themselves but would be inspiring people in their surroundings.

It requires polishing various skills from precisely delivering concept, opting material with their chosen theme to understand why that theme is important, analyzing best rate to that product and then representation with communication skill is also an art.

Is to provide a transformative, practical and quality education that produces critical thinkers in an inclusive, diverse environment, emphasizing the creative problem-solving skills, experience, enthusiasm and international perspectives necessary to promote positive change in the world.
Our mission is always to enhance the student experience by providing them quality education. The sole purpose of academy is to provide students the learning environment where students and staff can design, explore and address the knowledge and values to improve their and others quality of life. And the secondary purpose is to defend the caring and supporting climate for the aspirants.

The core values adopted by the academy are Integrity, Diversity, Equity, Perseverance, Discipline, Empathy and Transparency. We ensure to provide phenomenal teaching and service.